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Stéphane was still in grade school when he discovers he is skilled at talking to large audiences: in 5th grade, his teacher asks him to read a text for the principal's birthday in front of all the students in the school. Very young, he also dreams of being on stage one day and he is particularly interested in magic. In high school, he loves oral presentations and also takes part in an improv league. In CEGEP drama classes are a must, he holds one of the major roles in an amateur school play.

It takes a while before his interest for magic returns and he is then literally thunderstruck. He realises that this is how he wants to make a living, whatever the cost. So he starts to study magic. He improves and masters the knowledge he acquires in this field by reading numerous documents and by attending, among others events, many conventions regrouping internationally renowned magicians. He also meets many experienced magicians, working in the field, all of whom inspire and motivate him to keep going.
He had never before felt such passion. He performs his new tricks whenever he gets the chance: for his family, for his co-workers, for his friends and, of course, for his spouse. Everyone recognizes his great talent and passion and encourage him to persevere. Stéphane realizes that this passion is not just a whim and literally dives head first into the atmosphere of prestidigitation. He spends five years exploring and learning the art of magic with Yannick Lacroix, magician, author and teacher. Past master in the art of micro magic and stage magic, Stéphane can now make a living with his magic. As a graduate of l’École de magie Magistrale, his passion for magic has been at the service of people and enterprises for the past 10 years.